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Eli Lilly: recycling solution for insulin pens

( - Sanofi, Lilly and DASTRI, the national eco-organization authorized to collect and process perforating infectious risk healthcare waste (DASRI), present RECYPEN, the first French solution for recycling insulin injection pens.

The presentation was made at the national congress of the Société Francophone du Diabète (SFD).

RECYPEN aims to reintroduce the material from which these medical devices are made into the production circuit for other objects, thereby reducing the amount of waste generated by the use of pens by patients.

Tested for an initial period of one year, the program aims to collect 30% of the pens used by patients in the four experimental collection regions by the end of the 12-month period.

This model is based on the existing circuit of purple boxes already made available to patients via pharmacies.

Over 84 million pens are needed each year for the care of insulin-dependent diabetic patients. Mostly made of plastic, these pens require 1,500 tonnes of this material to manufacture.

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