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Amazon: broadband network for South America

( - Vrio Corporation, parent company of DirecTV Latin America and Sky Brasil, and Project Kuiper, Amazon's low-Earth orbit satellite broadband network, have announced a distribution agreement to provide fast, affordable Internet access.

The agreement will enable connectivity in seven South American countries, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia via DirecTV Latin America and Sky Brasil.

This agreement will bring new affordable, high-speed Internet connectivity options to a region with a total population of around 383 million, including around 200 million people who, according to the World Bank, are still not connected to the Internet.

DirecTV and Sky will use Project Kuiper's low-latency, high-bandwidth satellite network to bring the benefits of fast, reliable Internet to areas that would otherwise be both difficult and prohibitively expensive to serve. With Project Kuiper, companies will offer nationwide coverage in every country, which is impractical with traditional connectivity options such as fiber optics or fixed wireless that require extensive infrastructure, the group says.

The Kuiper project is a great opportunity to make a difference in people's lives, Amazon added. Working with Vrio to provide affordable broadband access means we can enable more people to create, connect and learn in new ways.

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