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Airbus: turns lunar dust into oxygen

( - This is a big step for scientists and a huge step towards a sustainable presence of Man on the Moon.

An international team led by space engineers from Airbus Defence and Space (Friedrichshafen, Germany), including scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute (Dresden, Germany), Boston University (Massachusetts, USA) and Abengoa Innovación (Sevilla, Spain) has succeeded in demonstrating the production of oxygen and metals from simulated lunar dust (regolith).

This discovery was made possible thanks to Roxy (for Regolith to OXYgen and Metals) an Airbus invention, which could mark the beginning of a new era of manned space exploration.

Roxy has been able to extract oxygen from a sample of simulated lunar dust. Combined with the ice on the Moon, it would even be possible to produce rocket fuel from Roxy metal powder.

This discovery could revolutionise human activities on the Moon's surface.

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