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Toyota: completes its Shimoyama Technical Center

( - Toyota announced today that it completed its R&D facility, the Toyota Technical Center, in Shimoyama, Japan, on March 25.

Construction of the site began in 2018. A first test track had seen the light of day in 2019, followed by a second, in 2021, dedicated to high-speed and the reproduction of special road conditions.

The west zone, which includes a new vehicle development building and a visitor building, has now been completed and can now be operational.

The building will serve, among other things, as a business and development center for the Lexus and GR companies, while state-of-the-art digital equipment will be used to promote agile development in automotive manufacturing.

' We are committed to making this facility a place that would bring smiles to the people of the community, a place that would make them happy that Toyota has come to Shimoyama' said Toyota President Akio Toyoda in essence,

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