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Car manufacturers: Oddo's forecasts for Europe

( - European registrations (EU+EFTA) continued their rebound in October (+8.
6% to 1,215,000 vehicles), benefiting from a weak comparison basis (-7.4% in October 2018). Over ten months, registrations are pretty flat (-0.7% at 13.3m vehicles).

Oddo says that almost all markets saw growth in October, with the Top 5 markets growing by 6.4% over the month, with Germany (+12.7%), France (+8.7%), Italy (+6.7%), Spain (+6.3%), although there was a 6.7% fall in the UK.

For 2019, Oddo expects growth in the German market (+3.3%), along with France (+0.5%), while Italy is set to be flat (+0.0%) and finally, there are expected to be falls in the UK (-3.5%) and Spain (-5.0%).

In all, Oddo expects a virtually flat market in 2019 (-0.3%), in line with manufacturers' projections (between -1% and zero growth).

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