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Thales: Gemalto shares transferable until 4 October

( - The Chamber of Commerce of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (Netherlands) has rendered a judgment by the enterprise chamber in Thales' buy-out proceedings on Gemalto shares.

The Chamber of Commerce has ordered all Gemalto's minority shareholders to transfer their Shares free of all rights.

It has been determined that the price of 51.00 euro per Share is the fair price per share, without prejudice to the legal interest that runs from 16 April 2019 until the date of transfer of the shares.

Thales invites Gemalto's shareholders to make the voluntary transfer of their Shares free of all rights between 20 September and 4 October 2019 at 3 pm (CET) at the latest.

In the absence of a voluntary transfer, the automatic transfer and payment of shares will be made on 9 October, or thereabouts.

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