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Toyota: new engines for carbon neutrality

( - Subaru, Toyota and Mazda have all committed to developing new engines for electrification and the quest for carbon neutrality.

With these engines, each of the three companies will seek to optimize integration with motors, batteries and other electric drive units. These developments will also decarbonize internal combustion engines by making them compatible with a variety of carbon-neutral (CN) fuels.

The companies have been working to expand powertrain and fuel options by competing with vehicles running on liquid hydrogen and CN fuels.

' In order to offer our customers various options for achieving carbon neutrality, it is necessary to rise to the challenge of developing engines in tune with the energy environment of the future. The three companies, which share the same aspirations, will refine engine technologies through friendly competition' said Koji Sato, President, Member of the Board and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation.

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