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Thales: a passwordless authentication concept

( - Thales announces a new passwordless authentication concept, Passwordless 360°, which offers its customers a functionality capable of covering all their needs, whatever the type of user or level of guarantee required.

Passwordless 360° enables companies to use the latest authentication technologies, such as FIDO keys.

Faced with the multiplication of passwords they are asked to use, and the complexity rules that surround them, user frustration is growing all the time. With an average of 100 passwords to manage, users are looking for workarounds, either by choosing passwords that are easier to remember, or by reusing the same password for multiple services, Thales says.

Passwordless 360° provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable companies to deploy passwordless authentication across a wide range of applications, such as secure access to personal and business devices or authentication on web resources.

By doing away with traditional passwords, it also eliminates the security risks associated with theft and phishing.

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