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Novo Nordisk: publishes study on cardiovascular diseases

( - On Thursday Danish pharmaceutical group Novo Nordisk announced the results of a large clinical study linking type 2 diabetes with cardiovascular diseases.

The study, conducted on nearly 10,000 participants in 13 countries in five continents, shows that one in three type 2 diabetic patients currently suffers from a cardiovascular disorder.

Even more importantly, nine out of 10 type 2 diabetics have atherosclerotic pathologies, characterised by the deposit of lipid-containing plaques on the wall of arteries that can lead to the obstruction of vessels.

According to Novo the study also found that only two in 10 patients with atherosclerosis with type 2 diabetes are on anti-diabetic treatment that can improve their cardiac system.

This data was published at the Congress of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).

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