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Continental: develops new brake concept

( - Continental is presenting "Green Caliper", its new brake design for future electric vehicles, with a newly developed brake caliper for disc brakes that is significantly lighter than previous models and has a lower residual braking torque, it says.

The new design saves up to two kilograms per brake caliper and up to three kilograms per brake disc. In addition, the reduced friction between the brake pad and the disc helps to increase the electric vehicle's range.

In contrast to the brakes of a conventional vehicle, those of an electric car are activated much less frequently: in over 80% of decelerations, the brake is not needed at all due to recuperation.

However, the brakes' deceleration performance often has to be even greater due to the weight of the battery in an electric car. It is precisely for this new requirement profile that the new brake caliper design has been optimised, Continental adds.

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